June 30, 2022

What Type of Kitchen Flooring Looks Best Next to Oak Floors?

A seamless interior makes a home look like it was professionally designed. Making design choices that keep the color scheme and style consistent throughout the home is imperative.

You want your style to flow from room to room. If you’re planning on renovating one room, you should keep the other rooms in mind. A kitchen is an excellent example of this.

Often kitchen floors feature tile that is different from the hardwood flooring in the rest of the home. Let’s talk about kitchen flooring and what colors and styles will look best with oak floors.

Natural Stone

For a more contemporary-looking kitchen, natural stone is the way to go. It’s a sleek and durable option that can make your kitchen look custom-designed. The key to choosing a natural stone is durability.

Natural stone tiles are easiest to apply in a kitchen. Travertine, slate, and quartzite are all popular flooring options.


Ceramic and porcelain tiles are two favorites for kitchen flooring. Kitchen floor tiles come in a variety of styles, colors, and patterns, so you’re sure to find one that perfectly matches your home.

One of the most popular trending kitchen flooring ideas is geometric patterned floors, best achieved with tile. Patterned tiles will make your kitchen stand out from the rest of the flooring.

You can also find tile that mimics the look of stone, wood, or slate. This can often provide a luxurious look for a lower price.

Kitchen Design Inspiration Tips to Remember

When you have two different types of flooring next to each other, we recommend creating some contrast. If the flooring in the rest of your home is darker, consider lighter floors in your kitchen and vice versa.

Consider the undertones of the flooring before making your final decision. If the rest of your home has warm or cool tones, choose these same tones for your kitchen to add continuity.

Be sure also to choose durable materials for kitchen floors. This room sees a lot of traffic, spills, and heat, so you want flooring that will be able to withstand that without much wear and tear.

Transform Your Space With New Kitchen Flooring

The kitchen is the heart of your home. It’s one of the spaces that gets the most traffic. So not only should your kitchen flooring be beautiful, it should be durable.

If you’re planning a kitchen remodel, remember to make choices that keep the overall design flowing from other rooms to ensure that your home has a cohesive design.

Are you looking to transform your home with new flooring? Design Works has many options that will make your home look straight from the pages of a magazine. Contact our experts at Florida Design Works to start your kitchen flooring installation.

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