March 22, 2022

What does your dream kitchen look like?

Imagine having unlimited resources, an expert team ready to make any renovations you desire. and you can source any luxurious cabinet or gadget you want. What does your dream kitchen look like?

An amazing kitchen can facilitate memorable, irreplaceable memories with your loved ones. Without your dream kitchen, you could be missing the opportunity to use one of the most beautiful spaces in your home.

We’ve got you covered with some of the best kitchen design trends in 2022. Read on for more inspiration.

1. Bold Colors

Of the popular kitchen trends, this one is the most controversial. Your color choice could go out of style. For example, you might tire of a bold yellow but you maybe not of classic white.

However, we’re here to give you the go-ahead. There are bold colors that are also timeless. Think deep navy, olive green, and any earth tones. These are soothing colors so you’ll rarely find someone who says these colors are an eyesore.

You could also go for something bolder like yellow, red, or pink. Maximalism is a concept where designers who appreciate it, really love it. Why pick a boring, conservative color that’s been done in a most kitchens when you could pick something that pops out and highlights your personality?

2. Upgraded Countertops

Upgraded countertops are one of the hottest kitchen renovation trends.

You can take your pick from any of these and it will look stunning in your kitchen:


If you’re excited about getting a new, gorgeous countertop, you’re not alone. About 35% of homeowners who renovated reported “splurging” on their countertops.

3. Patterned Floor

Have you seen the recent video Gwyneth Paltrow did for Architectural Digest?

Now that is a gorgeous kitchen. It has so much light, it’s customized for her family, and it is personalized with a touch of eclectic style.

One of the standouts in her dazzling kitchen is the floor pattern: each tile was handmade and installed to look rustic and natural. Giving your kitchen a different floor pattern lends a unique aspect to the house and clearly delineates different areas.

Designing a kitchen can feel overwhelming. Why not take inspiration from celebrities who’ve had a team of the world’s best experts design theirs?

4. Induction Ranges

Perhaps you love cooking. In that case, you may have your eye on an induction cooktop.

These are all the rage for serious home cooks because they’re mess-free, durable, and boil water in a flash. Additionally, this range style causes less air pollution and you’ll never have to worry about a gas leak.

5. Details

It’s all about the small details.

Have you found any neat kitchen organizers through TikTok? What does your backsplash look like? Did you know that you can get things called pot fillers that look beautiful and are extremely functional?

Too many eclectic and colorful details can make your kitchen look messy. You can make a statement with the larger areas like cabinetry and then finish off the details with more neutral colors.

6. Specialty Organizers

We’re nuts about a well-organized kitchen that flows well. Having a good workflow when you cook is all about how you organize your kitchen.

The year 2022 will be about custom cabinetry replete with organizers that allow you to maximize storage space. Once you’ve got these, you’ll never look back.

Kitchen Design Trends Going Forward

The world has changed, and people are spending more time in the kitchen than ever. You can expect people to keep talking about kitchen design trends throughout the year because a well-designed kitchen is trendy right now.

Feel free to consult with our design team if you need more inspiration or if you’re ready to create your dream kitchen today.

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