February 7, 2022

Upgrade Your Kitchen: The Best Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Did you know that up until the 1950s, kitchen backsplashes were only a few inches tall and were meant to protect the walls from cooking splashes? These days, modern kitchens use backsplashes as decorative accents, transforming the space and bringing color and texture to the room.

If you are planning a kitchen remodeling project, choosing the right backsplash is essential. Read on for some kitchen backsplash ideas you want to consider.

Kitchen Backsplash Ideas: Modern Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tiles have been trending in kitchens for years, but there are new options that can bring the classic beauty and color of mosaics with modern shapes.

The latest exciting trend is thin glass tiles in cream and copper colors. For a contemporary design that is sleek, you can opt for mosaic tiles in monochromatic tones, or you can transform the kitchen backsplash into the focal point by choosing brighter colors.

Subway Tiles

Subway tiles are a go-to favorite for kitchens. White subway tiles provide a clean look that complement any color and design choices throughout the kitchen. For a bolder and more modern look, there are subway tiles in the 2022 trend colors, orange and greens.

Quartz Slabs

For a stunning look, adding slabs of quartz in a classic backsplash method is an exciting trend to consider. Quartz not only provides an eye-catching look but is easy to maintain, requiring only a wipe down. There are natural stone options as well as man-made options depending on your preference and budget.

Quartz for backsplashes can offer durability since they do not crack, stain, or scratch.

Patterned Tiles and Contrasting Colors

Add visual interest by pairing your kitchen colors with contrasting backsplash colors. You can also choose patterns that play against each other to create a fun modern look.

Checkered tiles can go beautifully with stripes or other geometric designs and choosing strong primary colors for contrast can turn your kitchen into a striking room in your home.

Transform Your Kitchen

Give your kitchen the texture and color you want with a great backsplash. At Design Works, we offer a wide selection of options, from mosaic to ceramic tiles to transform your kitchen into the one you have always wanted.

Contact us today for more kitchen backsplash ideas!

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