November 6, 2015

Update Your Kitchen With Custom Details

In the past, the living room was the centerpiece of your home, but today, everyone wants to be where the action is – the kitchen. An updated kitchen can increase the resale value of your home, but you don’t need a full-blown renovation to accomplish this. With a little help from the team at Florida Design Works, simple changes to your countertops, hardware or cabinetry can perk up your existing kitchen for show stopping results worthy of your favorite design magazine. Here are five ways Florida homeowners are giving their kitchens a facelift, without the hassle of a full remodel:

1. Work Off Your Favorite Details

If you already selected a material or motif you want to work with, your design expert can suggest ways to incorporate those details into your current design — whether it’s bringing a few coastal elements into the room, or adding some iridescent mosaic tiles in just the right spot. Working with a firm like Florida Design Works will make the process quicker and much easier. Keeping your tastes in mind, we can sift through the endless maze of available products to present you with a select range of the best options that appeal to your tastes and take your current design into account.

2. Change Out Your Hardware

If you want to give your kitchen an updated feel in a VERY quick timeline, try changing out the hardware on your cabinets. More and more homeowners are opting for non-traditional options like drawer pulls, but while they offer a more tactile experience, they don’t always come in the wide variety of finishes that traditional knobs do. If you’re looking for highimpact detail, there are a variety of knobs in unexpected materials like beveled glass and hand-painted porcelain. Remember to keep in mind the hardware on your sinks, doors and other appliances when you change out your cabinet hardware. Matching or coordinating finishes and shapes will give your updated design a cohesive look. Read our hardware blog for more information on materials, finishes and pairing hardware with home decor.

3. Upgrade Your Countertops

Countertops are the icing on the cake for any kitchen renovation, and upgrading your existing countertop is a great way to give your kitchen a dramatic new look. Stone countertops make a big impact, and while they come at a higher price point than tile or laminate, they greatly add to the future salability of your home. Like any material, stone countertops vary in terms of best usage, durability and upkeep. Read our guide to choosing stone countertops to see what stone works best for you and your kitchen.

4.Give Your Cabinets A Quick Makeover

If you’re looking for a way to enhance your existing cabinetry, but don’t want to go through the effort of replacing all of it, consider switching out plain panels for mirrored-glass inserts, enhancing lighting, or adding painted accents like a chalkboard finish. You can even give your kitchen a more modern feel by replacing certain cabinets with open shelving. Crown molding can also add depth and definition to your design, and despite what many think, it’s not only for traditional styles. Simple, yet sophisticated streaming lines of crown molding atop more transitional or modern cabinets can help give you the customized look you want.

5.Go Big & Replace Your Cabinets

If you want to give your kitchen a completely new look that’s also tailored to your needs, it can be worthwhile to replace your cabinetry entirely. We tend to think of cabinetry as a single element, but switching out your cabinets isn’t a one-step process. There are so many components to consider when making your selection, all affecting the overall look and price. Changing your cabinetry is a big investment that will change the way you use your kitchen. Since selecting cabinetry is such a broad topic, we’ve outlined the basics:


Stock Cabinet lines offer speedy delivery, while still giving you several selections to choose from, saving you time and money. Base line cabinets from KraftMaid are great for quick projects, but they only come in standard sizes, which rules out customization.


If you need more personalization but don’t want to spend on a fully customized set-up, semi-custom cabinets are a good option. They give you some wiggle room in terms of fit and finish, and let you add built-in accessories to make organizing your kitchen a breeze.


Fully customized cabinets will cost the most and take the longest to build, ship and install. However, most homeowners find the investment to be worth the extra effort – it’s hard not to appreciate the artistry and craftsmanship that goes into making them. Woodharbor Custom Cabinets and Elmwood Fine Cabinetry lines are great options to start with.

At Florida Design works, no project is too small or too ambitious—anything that can be dreamt up can be realized with an expertly executed design. You don’t need to do everything on your own to get a personalized design tailored to your needs and preferences- sit back and let us do the heaving lifting for you.

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