October 13, 2022

Transform Your Space into an Outdoor Oasis

Recline, dine, and unwind. As the temperature begins to drop, so does your time indoors. This fall season, reimagine your outdoor space by creating a personal outdoor oasis to enjoy a refreshing cocktail and a cool breeze.  An outdoor space needs to be functional, attractive, and durable for all year-round. There’s something about the outdoors that makes us want to stop and bask in its beauty. Let your backyard be the extension of your indoor space that inspires you to tune out the chaos we keep with us on our mobile devices and get the whole family up and moving!

Let’s break down the key components needed to make your outdoor space the perfect extension of your indoors.

Create a Plan

When doing an outdoor facelift or full remodel, it is important that your new space is customized to your personality and style! Pinterest, websites, magazines, and home improvement channels are all great platforms that will help open your mind to new ideas and narrow down decisions.

You also need to keep in mind the big picture – usage. What do you want your patio to serve as? A space to entertain, to cook, to relax, or are children and pets sharing the space as well? By asking these questions, you will help focus your project needs and create the visualization process easier on yourself and our expert designers when asking for product guidance and recommendations.

Pick Your Personality with Products and Colors

Mix and Match! Consider all the wonderful options at your disposal that Florida Design Works offers! From stone, glass, tile, metal, and ceramic we carry over 40,000 exclusive products that will be a great conversation piece. Don’t forget to compliment these products with effortless drapes, plants, and comfortable furniture!

Be Practicable

Add practical pieces to your outdoor escape. It’s important to keep on mind the everyday aspects you will need in your outdoor oasis. When thinking about the products that will bring your outdoor oasis to life, pick products that with withstand the weather and wear over the years. Select countertops that are highly durable such as concrete or limestone and ensure flooring is scuff, chipping, and scratch proof!


If you are considering an outdoor remodel or facelift to create an outdoor oasis and increase its value, contact us today to speak with one of our design experts today!


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