December 15, 2022

Tis’ The Season to Texture!

Toast Worthy Textures!

As the new year is around the corner, it’s time to make new style choices in your space. A perfect solution to adding personality and life into any room is including fun textured tile, ceramic, or mosaic from top to bottom.


Types of Texture

Metal and Glass

Metal and Glass Mosaics are undeniably luxurious with light dancing off these highly reflective surfaces. Whether you are a risk taker or like a more subdued look, Metal and Glass Mosaic are the perfect for kitchen backsplashes, tiled shower, or a bathroom vanity backdrop!

3D Sculpture Patterns

Sculptural tiles allow for fluidity and elegance to cover the walls of your home. Incorporating this artistic tile into your home maintains a look of simplicity and excitement! Sweeping wave-like movements creates soft and relaxing atmospheres – perfect for bathrooms and bedrooms.

Elevation tile

Elevation tiles breathe life into any area. The multi-leveled surface gives the sense of an organic autumn morning. Most used are the exterior elevation tiles for outdoor patios or fireplace walls to create a refined, structural appeal for focal points of the home.

The Benefits of Textured Tile                       

  • Textured Tiles adds 3d qualities and interesting dimension to make your space unique.
  • Textured Tiles enhances character to the space being as flashy or subtle as you choose
  • Textured tiles give the allusion that a room is larger than it is. Waves and linear tile textures draw the eye horizontally and vertically elongating your room.
  • Textured tiles are moisture, skid, and stain resistant.

If you are considering adding a touch of personality and intrigue into your remodel adding textured tile to the space, contact us today to speak with one of our design experts today

**All images from Lunada Bay, products that are offered at all FDW locations except for Jax***

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