April 15, 2023

The Importance of Cabinetry Design and Installation

Whether planning a home remodel or looking to update your kitchen, cabinetry design and installation can play a significant role. Cabinets are essential to any interior, adding style and function to the overall space. However, some key elements must be considered when it comes to designing and installing cabinets for your home or business. Here, we look at the importance of cabinetry design and installation to create the perfect look for any room.

Getting Started

When it comes to cabinetry design, several factors need to be considered. From material quality to layout and aesthetic choices, thoughtful design is essential for creating a functional and beautiful space. Choosing the suitable materials for your cabinets is critical; high-quality woods such as maple or cherry will ensure longevity while still looking great. At Florida Design Works, we offer a variety of cabinet lines that range in style, species, finish, and budget. These products are designed to suit any house room and feature the finest craftsmanship and high-quality finishes from the world’s best cabinet manufacturers.

Door Styles, Types, and Finishes

There are several door styles from which you can choose. Selecting the right one is an important first step.

  • Raised Panel – raised center panel with a grooved framework brings depth to cabinet doors
  • Recess Panel – recessed panel with raised edge profile and squared angles imparts a clean silhouette
  • Flat Panel – a flat door offers a smooth, flawless surface in one continuous piece of material
  • Mullion – a glass center panel that is more decorative than others, allowing you to showcase your fine China or stemware

You’ll also want to choose the right door type, which refers to the construction and fit of your cabinet doors about the cabinet frame. Door types include¬†Partial Overlay, Full Overlay, and Inset.

Additionally, you’ll want to pay attention to the color and finish of your cabinets. You can go bold and contemporary or subtle and traditional, depending on your style.

  • Stained Finish
  • Glazed Finish
  • Natural Finish
  • Painted Finish
  • Varnished Finish
  • Distressed Finish


Professional contractors will ensure that all the pieces fit together seamlessly with precise measurements so everything looks aesthetically and functions properly.

Once you’ve chosen and ordered your cabinets, discover the seamless cabinet installation experience with Florida Design Works! Upon your cabinets’ arrival, select your preferred installation method:

  • Collaborate with your favorite installer/contractor, and we’ll deliver the cabinets or keep them safe in our warehouse for you to pick up.
  • Trust our skilled installation partners to handle everything while we efficiently transport the cabinets to the job site.

Either way, your dream space is just a decision away with Florida Design Works! Design Works has been the leader in products for your kitchen, bath, and home building or remodeling projects for over five decades, including tile, flooring, natural stone, custom cabinetry, and countertops. Our team works with homeowners and your builder, designer, architect, or contractor to personalize spaces that offer sophisticated functionality, contemporary trends, and the latest styles. Contact us today to get your remodel or new project started.

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