April 30, 2022

The Advantages of Tile Flooring Over Wood Flooring

Flooring may make or break the design of a home. It’s the one surface guaranteed to get used almost every day. Tile flooring and wood flooring are two of the most popular choices today, but they have important differences.

To help you design your dream home or add value to a house before putting it on the market, here are four things to consider before choosing between wood and tile flooring.


Wood flooring is a naturally beautiful and classic option. It offers versatility for just about any home include new constructions, older homes and just about any room. From the light reddish hue of cherry planks to the deep, dark color of walnut flooring, there’s a type of wood for everyone.

Tile flooring offers the same style versatility but also produce enhancements. Advancements in tile manufacturing has resulted a produce where the appearance replicates that of just about any wood material. While wood is charming and rustic, tile can be bold, modern and exciting. Design Works’ tile inventory features bold blue and rich gray porcelain tiles that are unique, yet pair well with a range of motifs.

Wood Versus Tile Flooring Costs

Whether you’re renovating a commercial space or private home, cost is king. For that reason, wood flooring may not be your best option. On the low end, wood flooring costs between $6 and $11 per square foot with installation. To get the high-end wood flooring you’re dreaming of, expect to pay between $12 and $23 per square foot.

Tile flooring costs between $10 to $15 per square foot on average (that’s also including installation and labor). While there is some overlap between wood and tile costs, high-end tiles still beat wood for price. Because tile can look like any material or color you imagine, it’s a great value for most homeowners, builders and designers.

Maintenance and Cleaning

To maintain wood’s natural luster, you’ll have to either hire professionals or put in a lot of work. The wrong cleaning solution can leave wood floors looking dingy, streaky or cloudy. Even if you handle your wood floors with kid gloves, you may have to refinish them every few years.

Because tile flooring is often less porous than wood, you can typically clean it with store-bought cleaners and a mop. While you may need to re-grout it at some point, its maintenance and cleaning is less intense.


Wood flooring is by no means weak. With sanding and refinishing, it can look like new for years. However, it can be dented, scratched and otherwise damaged easily. While these blemishes can be repaired by filling, sanding and refinishing, that’s burdensome in high-traffic areas or homes with pets and children.

Porcelain tile flooring stands up to everyday wear-and-tear much better. At Design Works, many of the tiles we offer are made by the Time 2.0 process. Each tile is double-loaded, meaning the raw materials are pressed together so they’re dense, durable and attractive.

Finding the Right Flooring at Design Works

If you decide that a wood-look tile is the answer to your design, Design Works of Florida has a wide range of materials. If you love the look of wood but desire the durability, cost and availability of tile, we offer a number of wood-like tiles that will tie your home together. Contact us today for start-to-finish design services from flooring and cabinetry to stone installations.

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