October 27, 2015

Spanish Revival

Spanish Revival, also called Spanish Eclectic, takes inspiration from multiple eras in Spanish design to the Great Depression, designers and architects continue to revisit its iconic style, and to this day it remains a popular choice for homes in the region. Also coined as “Mizner” style Florida continues to build homes of tiled roofs, stucco and painted tile reminiscent of the 1920’s, but at today’s standards.  Trends today lean towards a mix of Spanish and Morrocan influences that give a fresh appearance to the days old.
Terra cotta roofs, asymmetrical stucco façades, and arched windows and doorways characterize the exterior style, while interiors reveal tall ceilings lined with wooden beams. Rich, dark hardwood floors contrast with light-toned walls that accentuate the height and openness of the space for a truly dramatic effect.
Decoration and furniture are sparse, but ornate. Wrought-iron chandeliers and Persian rugs harken back to Spain’s Moorish roots, catching the eye as the center of attention. Elaborately painted ceramic tiles also find their way into the spotlight lining staircases, kitchen countertops and pillars.

Our Favorite Motifs:

Hand-painted Tile

Design Works searches the globe in pursuit of offering our clients extraordinary tile such as, Jeffrey CourtAntico Portuguese.  It is a wonderful collection of colorful, hand painted terra cotta tiles. Three-color ways mimic the tile patterns adorning very old European interior and exterior facades, but feature updated color palettes that appeal to today’s design needs.


These terra cotta field tiles from the same collection perfectly complement the hand-painted tiles with their elegant simplicity. The Arabasque Estela pattern tile has made a resurgence in the industry of textiles, furniture and flooring with a new twist.
Raffi Glass incorporates the nuances of the design in their custom patterns mixed with porcelain tile and stone.

Dark Wood

Florida Design Works supplier Hallmark Floors makes gorgeous walnut flooring, perfect for this elegant Spanish-inspired Florida home. Likewise, the texture and dark color of the Chaparral Collection, also by Hallmark, accentuate the detail so important to the style.
Ornately Carved Furniture
Heavy wooden pieces make up the bulk of Spanish Revival furniture. It is often immaculately carved or complimented with brass or wrought-iron accents. Tables are sometimes set with hand-painted tile mosaics, and leather is used frequently to upholster chairs and lampshades.
Wrought Iron Details
One of the most classic elements of Spanish design can be found in the intricately twisted wrought iron banisters, light fixtures, and window grills on both the exterior and interior of the house. Subtle wrought iron details are also found in furniture and decorative arts.
Does this great throwback style get you in the mood to start a fall interior revamp? Don’t fret about hunting for the right materials at different locations – stop in to Florida Design Works for your one stop shop for a home remodels! We can’t wait to work with you.

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