As you consider the flooring for your home, it’s important to look at design, functionality, durability, and budget. At Florida Design Works, our flooring experts will help you assess your room and the materials most suitable for the space. Other considerations might also include age of the home, presence of imperfections like sloping foundations or unsquared walls, and moisture presence.

Floor Types


Most common flooring used. Water and stain-resistant, good for humid climates. Extremely durable.


Similar to ceramic but even more durable and water-resistant. Low maintenance. Good for commercial kitchens and high-stress areas.


High-end luxury material made of limestone. A rustic, earthy look is available in earth tones like brown, rust, and tan. Eco-friendly, recyclable, and 100% biodegradable.


Highly polished appearance. Waterproof, however, is slippery when wet. Susceptible to scratching and staining. Periodic resealing is required.


Fastest growing flooring category. Offered in tiles or planks. Resistant to water, scuffing, staining, and scratching.

Tile Sizes

Manufacturers offering floor tiles in a variety of sizes. Choosing your size will depend on the overall room dimensions but more importantly on the cuts necessary to go around cabinetry, walls, or windows.







Tile Patterns



Design Works is proud to present products from the following manufacturers:


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