Stone, such as Granite or Marble, is a beautiful addition to any home or building. Depending on your intentions, a different stone choice will be best for you. Granite countertops add luxury to the room, whereas marble accents can act as a conversation starter in a living room. It’s not impossible to have marble countertops in the kitchen or granite accents, but knowing the strengths of each material will help you use it to it’s maximum potential! Florida Design Works offers more than just Granite and Marble, too! Onyx is a translucent material that is perfect for backlighting. Backlighting onyx accentuates the color and highlights the veining (which is very bold). Vanities, fireplaces, and tub decks are common uses of onyx. Icestone is 100% recycled glass mixed with cement to create a durable concrete mix. It is ideal for kitchen counterops, back-splashes, tabletops, and outdoor kitchens! Ice Stone is also a member of the US Green Building Council. Florida Design Works carries the leading names in Quartz surfaces, like Silestone, Caesarestone, and Hanstone. Quartz is a resin based material that comes in either matte and semi-glass finishes and a wide variety of colors. Consult with one of Florida Design Works’ craftsmen to determine the best stone for your home project!


Granite is an igneous rock that is formed from lava deep within the earth. It is made from various minerals, like Quartz, feldspar, and mica, which give it it’s textured crystalline appearance. There are approximately 400 different granite colors, but the variety doesn’t stop there; each slab of granite is unique! We recommend coming in to choose your own slab to be used in your granite countertops. Granite is most commonly used in kitchens because:

  • It will not burn
  • It does not harbor bacteria
  • It is a low maintenance product

Prices for granite countertops vary as much as the price. Availability, color, and country of origin are all major factors that affect the price of granite countertops. Many colors are offered at or below the price of manmade products. The properties of granite that make it so desireable also make it almost impossible to replicate using man made surfaces.


Marble is a sedimentary rock which is formed from shells, plants, and silt. Over time, the sediments harden and solidify as layers and pressure build. Marble is made of mostly calcium, meaning that is is susceptible to acids, such as vinegar and citrus. Because it is made of compressed sediments, the color and style of the marble is reliant on where it was produced. As opposed to granite, marble is created with much finer crystals which lend to its snow or satiny look. People opt for Marble because:

  • Color – the characteristic white marble color isn’t available in other stones
  • Cool Temperature – It’s a great surface for working with pastries!
  • Marble, because it is widely available, is sometimes a cheaper option.

Because of it’s availability, marble countertops can be a a cheaper pricing option. Marble does require some maintenance and should be regularly sealed to prevent staining. Marble’s classic look and characteristic “veining” is perfect for vanity tops, elegant dining tables, and offices.