Florida Design Works MosaicsAt Design Works we showcase tile from Atlas Concorde, with their collection of  Marvel. Inspired by the most prestigious marble of Italian tradition, Marvel is a ceramic product of the highest possible aesthetic and technical impact, characterized by porcelain stoneware floors and coordinated white-body wall cladding. This rectified porcelain tile in multiple sizes of 12×24, 18×18 and 30×30 are perfect for that spacious open floor plan that will give your home the look of sophistication.

Design Works maintains an inventory of many collections from Florida Tile. The Paramount series with its distinct look of stone created from their high definition process has a wide range of colors. Purpose it with spa like glass and stone mosaics from the Bliss collection – guaranteed to give you a timeless look.

Using Florida Tile’s HDP-High Definition Porcelain technology however, we not only reproduce this stone look, but we are able to let our imaginations go wild with bold color combinations that can’t be found in nature. From bold Blue’s to Steel Gray and Dark Brown, we created contemporary colors that can be specified in any commercial space. Each color has a unique blend of complimentary colors within its veining to add interest and depth, as well as pair beautifully with other design finishes.

Time 2.0 is the latest generation of Florida Tile manufacturing technology. Utilizing the latest processes in double loaded porcelain manufacturing, Time 2.0 delivers a highly durable commercial grade Through Body Floor and Wall surface. Different from traditional marble veining or the “salt and pepper” double loaded looks, Time 2.0 is a contemporary evolution of what today’s specifications require. The extensive color palette consists of 9 colors ranging from a Snow White to Deep Black. Each individual color is comprised of a solid body pigment that sets the overall tone of each tile. The smooth rich body is then decorated with slightly contrasting shades, created by individual granules of color that vary in dimension depth, thickness and pattern. Consistent with the current trend of earthy neutral colors, Time 2.0 is destined to stop time with its state of the art beauty.


Wood floors are becoming ever so fashionable in today’s homes. The warmth of a real rich distressed cherry plank or a look-a-like wood floor in porcelain tile. The tile design craftsmen of Boardwalk have leveraged 21st century technology to create  a product that evokes the classic seaside destinations to which Americans have aspired for over 100 years.  Painstakingly designed to emulate the weathered hardwood planks found in some of America’s most unique , Boardwalk features fully rectified tiles in a full 48” length – a size never before manufactured in the USA, offering amazing graphics and limitless design possibilities.

Design Works offers  four classic colors, named after America’s most distinctive Boardwalks – Atlantic City (Ash), Coney Island (Walnut), Myrtle Beach (Whitewash) and Venice Beach (Amber).  Using its exclusive Dynamic HD Imaging™ technology, Mediterranea takes ink-jet design to an entirely new level in the Boardwalk series – bringing the charm of these unique destinations to life for the first time in a manufactured and fully rectified product.


Florida continues to build in the Mizner style of homes of tiled roofs, stucco and painted tile reminiscent of the 1920’s, but at todays standards. Design Works searches the globe in pursuit of offering our clients extraordinary tile such as, Jeffrey Court, Antico PortugueseIt is a wonderful collection of colorful, hand painted terra cotta tiles. Three color ways mimic the tile patterns adorning very old European interior and exterior facades, but feature updated color palettes that appeal to today’s design needs.

Hand crafted by artisans in Southern California, these tiles feature variation between pieces to look just like ones made in Portugal centuries ago. Accenting field tiles with large, rustic architectural moldings allows for colorful interior and exterior environment well-suited for any residential to light-duty commercial floor and wall application. Unglazed, flashed terra cotta pavers are ideal for heavy commercial installations.


Design Works Keystone series from Emil is a visual mix of vein cut and cross cut travertine. Produced using new 1028 dpi Inkjet Technology, it is fully rectified and suitable for heavy commercial use. Keystone’s color palette of Wind, Earth, Fire, and Iron will transform your home with its pattern and various size this rectified porcelain will give you the look of a high end travertine, but with a maintenance free finish.