These products can be provided with almost any marble, granite and onyx material desired.  With our state-of-the-art facility in Sarasota Florida and knowledgeable staff, we can assist you in every aspect of your projects, from providing panels to custom cutting and fabrication to your specifications.

Feather Stone lightweight natural stone products offer beauty and durability of marble and granite at a fraction of the weight on conventional stone.  The lightweight stone panel consists of approximately 1/8” of stone supported by ¼” of backing material.  Our backings include honeycomb aluminum for standard use, solid aluminum for standard use, solid aluminum and composite for elevator floors, or transparent acrylic for back lighting.

Lightweight stone is easily adaptable for use in yachts, elevator cabs, motor coaches, aviation and other locations that can benefit from its light weight and thin profile.  It can be used for countertops, vanity or tabletops, flooring, backsplashes, tub and shower surrounds.

Design Works invites you to see our fabrication facility as it is impressive to see the process of the lightweight stone in fabrication that will in turn give you the desired product.

Endless Applications

Lightweight stone is easily adaptable for almost any use. There are many situations that can benefit from the reduced weight and stunning appearance of our Featherstone. Featherstone is commonly used for flooring, backsplashes, tub and shower surrounds, countertops, vanities, table tops, and furnishings. No application is too difficult for our custom panels!

Design Works is a leading supplier and manufacturer in the state of Florida of lightweight natural stone products.


Lightweight natural stone has revolutionized the elevator market.  The battle of aesthetic beauty and required weight limits made conventional stone obsolete. With our water jet equipment we can design any shape, size or dimension that is required for your project.  Elevators, with their rigorous weight restrictions, can still have the beauty and elegance of natural stone without heavy decorative loads.


When you are building something that will be floating on water, you’re going to want it to be relatively light! Our Lightweight natural stone is the perfect application for yachts, Cruise Ships, and Large Fishing Boats. Provide consumers with the lavish look and feel of natural stone without adding extra weight! With the lightweight stone panels weighing in at 2.5 lbs per square foot, the efficiency of your vessel won’t be jeopardized by the weight. Keep your speedboat flying across the water with our lightweight Featherstone.


Custom Aircraft interiors demand a product that is beautiful, while carrying minimal payload.  Lightweight natural stone panels provide just that! Because we custom create all of our Featherstone products, they are the perfect element for aircraft interiors! The lightweight stone gives you the elegance you want, while still meeting strict regulations for weight. Featherstone can be installed for gallery walls, shower walls, countertops, vanities, bart tops, and tables!


Archititects and designers have found the perfect product in the Motor Home Industry- Lightweight Natural Stone! It can be used in a luxurious setting while satisfying the manufacturer’s strict limitations on weight. Lightweight Featherstone gives you the beauty for your motor home and assists in improving the fuel efficiency of operating these motor vehicles.  Lightweight can be used on flooring, vanity tops, counter tops, backsplash and tabletops.

Featherstone Inspirations

Our Lightweight stone is a great option for RVs. Traditional granite weighs too much to install in these mobile vehicles, but with featherstone you get the look you love without the added weight!

We custom make and cut our Featherstone. This means we can easily create smaller custom pieces for you or make a small batch for your next project.

Let the inside of your RV match the shiny exterior! Featherstone comes in many different color options to match any of your existing elements.