Marble, Granite, and Quartz countertops are a beautiful addition to any edifice. The countertops all serve to enhance the quality of the home by being the crowned jewel to your cabinets.

Cambria Countertops from Florida Design WorksGranite

Granite is an igneous rock that was formed as it cooled deep within the earth. The minerals in granite occur in small amounts throughout the stone, creating a textured, crystalline appearance.
Granite is a natural product, with nearly 400 different color types to choose from! Keep these factors in mind when you are considering natural granite countertops:

  • Granite will not burn.
  • Granite is not a high maintenance product, only requiring sealing every 1-5 years (stain resistant).
  • It is available in polished and honed finishes as well as  a Design Works exclusive Textured finishes.
  • Granite does not harbor bacteria.

So what is so special about granite?

The simple answer is – Every Single Piece! Whether it is a slab, tiles, or any other dimension, you will not find two pieces exactly the same. Because Granite is extracted from the earth in its natural form, each piece represents the earth’s formation at that particular place in time and location.  Design Works’ fabricators and installers are craftsmen. They can work with the granite’s shadows and grains to minimize the appearance of seams. Our slabs are so large that a seam or joint may not even be required. Prices are as varied as the color. Availability, color, and country of origin are major factors that affect the price of granite. Granite’s natural movement, color, and crystalline structure are properties that (though attempted) cannot be matched by man made surfaces.


Marble was once limestone that transformed through pressure and high temperatures within the earth. Veined Marbles get their special characteristics from the variation in color and size of crystals in various areas of the stone. Marble is s a warm and soft stone, commonly used for select areas of a  countertop. Marble is waterproof, heatproof, and very luxurious. Because it is a soft stone, marble should regularly be sealed to prevent staining. Its classic look and characteristic veining are perfect for vanity tops, elegant dining tables, and offices. Although it is heat and water resistant, not all marble is suitable for a kitchen installation – if you are quite the cook in the kitchen, take a look at our Quatz options!


Onyx is a highly prized, translucent stone with pastel colors and exquisite formations. Onyx is actually layered calcite (calcium), which gives it the characteristic  hue. Onyx is one of the most exciting stones on the market today. Because onyx is often translucent, backlighting accentuates the color, making it the perfect option for back-lit bar tops! The multiple colored layers and the veining become even more noticeable with backlighting. Installations of onyx should be focused on low traffic areas. Vanities, tub decks, and fireplaces are common installations to “dress-up” with onyx. The use of onyx stone in the proper setting is the perfect option for an unusual and beautiful stone.


Quartz products include Cambria, Caesarstone, and Silestone, just to name a few. They are comprised of 93% natural quartz, one of natures strongest minerals found in nature. Quartz is offered in captivating colors that influence trends and inspire creative application! These are some of the key factors of Quartz:

  • Quartz is stain resistant.
  • Because it is a resin based material, heating pads should be used before setting hot pants on your surface.
  • Available in matte and semi-glass finishes.
  • Quartz will not harbor bacteria

Countertop Inspiration

At Florida Design Works we stock some of the best countertops from great vendors all throughout the world! We encourage you to look at the design inspirations they offer on their sites. We also invite you to come into one of our showroom locations to experience the various countertops we stock!