January 18, 2018

Out with the New, In with the Old

In the last decade, home interiors have been dominated by minimalist design. It’s no surprise then, that after years of nothing but the basics, people want to fill their homes with more color and more personality in the form of curated objects, hand-made-tile and fabrics, and a little eclectic charm.
In 2018, what’s new is actually what’s old—but there’s still room for a modern spin on things. Here are three of our favorite vintage styles we’re glad to see take the spotlight in the new year:

Art Deco

Art Deco, especially in Florida, has never truly gone out of style. But in 2018, expect a modern update that is slightly more streamlined and lets in more natural light.

This space, designed by Design Works tile supplier Atlas Concorde, puts an art deco spin on a minimalist design to give it more personality and some much needed moodiness. Gold embellishments, dark woods and an emphasis on geometrical patterns get a new look for 2018.

This bold and beautiful floor from Design Works supplier Marble Systems reminds us why Art Deco is here to stay. Eye popping patterns and exclusive materials like natural stone will be the envy of homeowners everywhere. Expect to see more intricate flooring in 2018.

Modern Retro Chic

Technology is everywhere in the home, and people are yearning for hand-made pieces in organic materials that bring them back down to earth. The 70’s are back and so is kitsch, but in 2018, it’s much more refined and elegant.

Handmade ceramics will be one of 2018’s most sought-after accessories. Pair them with a gorgeous tile, like this sophisticated backsplash from Design Works supplier Marble Systems.

It’s official—wood paneling is making its way back into the home. Paired with natural stone, like this master suite from Marble Systems, it can be absolutely stunning.

Last year’s up-and-coming design trend—indoor/outdoor spaces—isn’t going anywhere. In fact, it’s just taking off and is a natural fit with retro styles that are making a comeback. This commercial design from Atlas Concorde features many of the ‘70s design staples: an abundance of plants, woven furniture and earthy tones accented with saturated greens and yellows.

The ‘70s wouldn’t be the ‘70s without wallpaper. And while it’s true wallpaper is back in a big way, you can achieve a similar but more durable and impactful look with a large-scale tile wall feature. This kitchen design, featuring ceramic tile from Design Works supplier Jeffrey Court, perfectly embodies the contemporary retro look.

Victorian Era Elegance

Traditional design has taken a back seat to more modern looks in the past couple of decades, but it’s ready to make its way back into the mainstream as eclectic design takes off. Design elements that harken back to the Victorian age are popping up everywhere, from floral chintz fabric and wallpaper to wood marquetry, classic libraries and more. Mix and match Victorian style with modern looks to create something unique and personal.
This stunning marble tile from Design Works supplier AKDO is all modern, but paired with a gorgeous traditional clawfoot bathtub, you get the best of both worlds.

This dining room from Design Works cabinet supplier Elmwood blends Victorian elegance with modern farmhouse style. Intricate details create sensory overload in the best way possible, from the stunning veining in the stone tile, to the distressed woodwork and muntin windows.

Add traditional elegance to a modern space by pairing a tile surround in a modern pattern with accessories like this bronze mirror, which beautifully compliments the chrome sink and light fixtures.

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