September 16, 2022

Now Presenting Bluestone

Bluestone, one of Pennsylvania’s treasured stones, is a wonderful enhancement to traditional pavers for your Florida home project. Florida Design Works receives product directly from the quarry, passing along bigger savings by skipping the middleman. Bluestone is revered for its simplicity to work with, and the variety it provides in different size slabs. Bluestone comes in a variety of shapes and colors. The natural, full color range will have everything from earthy browns and greens to blue and gray colors. The blue-select color range, or when the focus is on all the blue and gray colors in the stone, is the most popular and common variation. The deeper the stone is when it is mined, the color will be more intriguing and unique. The deeper stones will often have the darker, blue-hued colors, while the surface stones will be lighter.




Heat is applied to the surface of the stone, giving it an even, anti-slip texture-perfect for pool decks or patios.

Natural Cleft

Provides a rugged and natural look


Offers a softer, antique texture, like beach pebbles


Gives a modern, smooth, and non-reflective look



Bluestone is most frequently used in landscape design. Its distinctive characteristics and versatility make it ideal for outdoor use, transforming into stunning patios, alluring garden paths, functional sidewalks, and more. When you are creating a landscape design that calls for a durable stone with an alluring aesthetic, Bluestone is a remarkable option.



Weather durable

Cost effective

Unique earthy appearance


Florida homeowners will enjoy that each stone has a certain look, making the final product appear natural when strategically placed on a walkway or patio, blending with the landscape and environment. Bluestone comes in a variety of sizes, in addition to rectangular and square shapes. For a more modern look, choosing one or two sizes is ideal to achieve a sharp appearance. For a more rustic or informal patio or garden, free-form irregular shapes will create a mosaic style. The natural elements of Bluestone does mean that natural shedding will occur overtime. Small flakes and ridges will come loose and need to be swept to remove.

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