December 12, 2017

Natural Interior Design Is Catching On in a Big Way

As technology becomes integrated into every facet of our daily lives, it’s no mystery why we’re seeing a big uptick in spaces that emphasize the natural beauty of the world around us.
From the obvious “urban jungles”—rooms filled floor-to-ceiling with houseplants and succulents—to subtler hints like wood-tile backsplashes, homeowners are looking to bring the outdoors inside. And in 2018, you can expect to see a lot more homes embracing their environment.
Here are a few of our favorite nature-inspired design trends to try out in 2018:

Floral Prints

It’s official—wallpaper is making a comeback, thanks in part to bold floral prints that double as wall art. And unlike the wall-to-wall monstrosities of the past, this time around, wallpaper is used in small doses to accent walls, line the back of shelves and closets, and add a personal touch to staircases.

But if you haven’t yet warmed up to the idea of wallpaper, you still have plenty of choices when it comes to incorporating floral prints into your design scheme.

Heighten the impact of a floral print with a tile mosaic like this one from Design Works supplier AKDO. We love the high gloss and saturated blues that give the pattern extra depth. It works great as an all-over tile in half-baths, but can be used sparingly as a backsplash in your kitchen or wet bar.

Urban Jungles

Millennials are driving the market for houseplants, turning their apartments and homes into “urban jungles” that brim with life. But you don’t need to turn your living room into a greenhouse to get in on this trend—adding even just a few houseplants can help bring a relaxing and uplifting energy to the room.

The key to making your space feel balanced—not overcrowded—is to use variety to your advantage. Try a mix of tall, stand-alone plants, with smaller potted plants that can live on shelves, plus a few vining or hanging varieties.

Remember, the plants in your urban jungle should be the focus of your space. Work them into a room with a neutral palate—all-white kitchens are a great place to start.

In this kitchen, created by Design Works, hints of greenery serve to accent the neutral, contemporary palate, and the tall potted plant draws the eye upwards, opening the space and drawing attention to the stately tray ceilings.

This kitchen from Design Works cabinet supplier, Kraftmaid, takes the “urban jungle” idea even further. The vaulted ceilings even mimic a forest canopy.

This bathroom from Design Works features the coveted fiddle-leaf fig, which compliments the natural stone tile and rustic wood floor.

Deep, Lush Greens

Last year, Pantone choose Greenery as their color of the year, reflecting a push towards design that showcases nature. But this year, highly saturated colors are leading the way, and dark emerald and jungle greens are having their moment. From velvet couches that harken back to Gatsby-era elegance, to enameled appliances and cabinets, look for greens that are not only dark, but vibrant and alive.

A velour pillow (Right) compliments the 3D-tile accent wall from Design Works supplier and tile maker, Oceanside Glass & Tile. Use deep greens like the emerald green in the pillow to accent more subdued shades.

Refined Organic Tile

Refined organic textures like polished marble have long been gold standards in interior design. But over the last few years, we’ve noticed homeowners taking a new-found appreciation in polished wood and nacre tile. Not surprisingly, we’re even seeing a combination of the two.

This backsplash (Left) combines brass, stone and wood in a design as intriguing as it is intricate.

Let In the Light

Large open windows and oversized patio doors are opening up the outside in a new way. Outdoor living spaces that seamlessly transition to the indoors were everywhere in 2017, and the trend shows no sign of stopping.

Gorgeous pearlescent tile is showcased in this transitional Design Works kitchen. The glowing iridescence calls to mind mother-of-pearl, a subtle reference to the sea perfectly suited for Florida’s coastal homes.

The living room isn’t the only space in the house that can embrace the outdoors. This Design Works bathroom features a breathtaking stone statement wall, juxtaposed next to oversized windows that let in light and make the wonder of nature the room’s defining trait.

This outdoor kitchen combines the protection of the indoors with the beauty of the tropical Florida landscape. A subtle arch opens the space enclosed under a stunning wood-plank ceiling.

Keep up with the interior design trends that matter to Florida’s homeowners on our Facebook, Pinterest or Houzz pages. Want to see any of the designs above in your home? Get in touch with a Design Works designer near you.

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