July 1, 2014

Light as a Feather!!!

Feather Stone lightweight natural stone products offer the beauty and durability of marble and granite at a fraction of the weight of conventional stone.  The lightweight stone panel consists of approximately 1/8” of stone supported by ¼” of backing material.

Feather Stone is easily adaptable for use in yachts, elevator cabs, motor coaches, aviation and other locations that can benefit from its light weight and thin profile.  It can be used for counter tops, vanity, tabletops, flooring, back splashes, tub and shower surrounds. Its uses are endless.

Design Works invites you to see our fabrication facility as it is impressive to see the process of the lightweight stone in fabrication that will in turn give you the desired product.  Design Works’ control over the manufacturing process enables us to have shorter turnaround times and produce a wider range of sizes.  It is an application that can be used in both residential and commercial settings.

What starts out as a simple 1/8” slab can be transformed to yield amazing results!

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