October 27, 2014

Know your Types of Sinks

Whether you’re building your dream home from the ground up or remodeling the downstairs half bath, it can seem like the design choices never end. The list of factors to consider can get pretty overwhelming- even choosing something as simple as a sink can seem like a daunting task when added to the multitude of other decisions piling up. To help you decide what sink is the best choice for your upcoming project, here’s our breakdown of the most popular sinks by style:

Console sinks are stand-alone basins, usually supported by 4 legs and similar in design to an end table. Both modern and traditional designs are available. Since there is little or no counter space on top or storage underneath, this sink is a good fit for small spaces that don’t need extra storage.

Pedestal sinks are similar to console sinks but sit on one leg. Since the basin and stand are combined, this is a less expensive option.

Drop-in sinks are what first come to mind when we think, “sink”. The basin is recessed with the edge resting on the counter, making it one of the easiest sinks to replace when remodeling.

Undermount sinks are recessed into the counter like dropins, however the edge of the counter covers the edge of the basin. This is a great, clean design for kitchens and spaces where you want to show off your granite, quartz or other stone countertop.

Integrated or Vanity sinks are built into the countertop they sit on and are often custom fitted. These are an ideal choice if you’re looking for clean edges and a seamless design.

Trough sinks are long and horizontal, can be recessed, or rest on top of a counter. There is usually more than one faucet sharing the basin, making it a good fit for master baths where space is shared. This style is currently trendy and is rising in popularity for its charm and communal feel.

Vessel sinks have a basin that sits on top of the counter. They are extremely popular at the moment with many homeowners choosing them for their artful qualities. They often feature art glass or one-of-a-kind design elements that can be fully customized.

Wall-mount sinks, like their name suggests, are attached to the wall, leaving the space underneath completely open. This is the perfect fit for rooms lacking floor space.

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