November 10, 2014

Kitchen Organization Part Three


“I just can’t seem to stay organized.”
There are so many factors that work against organization: too many cooks in the kitchen, not having enough space or even having too much space… The list goes on and on.
If you’ve ever struggled to keep your kitchen clean and de-cluttered, follow our 3 steps for getting and STAYING organized for good:

Divide & Conquer.

The easiest way to clutter-proof your drawers and cabinets is to compartmentalize with drawer dividers and baskets. Dividers will help keep your utensils from getting tangled, and small items from getting pushed to the back of the drawer.
Putting baskets in your cabinets- and especially in your pantry- will bundle items that don’t stack, save space and make it easier for you to get to what you’re looking for.
Remember to group similar items together. If your organizational system makes sense, it will be easier to maintain in the long run.

Streamline your storage.

Dry ingredients like flour and sugar get messy when stored in the bags they come in. Invest in clear storage containers to hold these ingredients. Durable Pyrex is an ideal choice, since it provides an unobstructed view of the contents, is easy to clean and looks great.
In addition, streamline the portable containers you use for things like left-overs. Sets that stack neatly are desirable, since they save space. However, if you have trouble finding matching lids and have to dig through your entire cabinet to find one, consider storing your containers with the lid already on, instead of stacking them separately. This can help to prevent uneven stacking, which can lead to disastrous spills.
As a plus, glass containers also help to beautify your kitchen. When your cabinets look nice are well maintained on the inside, it will motivate you to stay neat.

Know your kitchen.

It’s nearly impossible to cook in your kitchen if you don’t know where to find the tools and ingredients you need. Families who don’t have a predictable system in place often find that everyone has a different place for the same item. When you share your kitchen with others, labeling makes it easy for everyone to know where to find what they’re looking for and where to put it once they’re finished.
Purchase a portable label maker like a P-Touch and place labels on all the containers, baskets and dividers we’ve talked about. You can even label the inside of cabinets and drawers.
This blog is a part of a 3 part series:

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