August 19, 2014

Inspired by Nature

Who can fail to marvel at the shape of a leaf, the sleek power of a cheetah, or the way the waves crash in the ocean?

Designers and architects are forever inspired by nature’s majesty. That’s why biomimicry, the practice of copying nature’s own engineers, is and has always been pivotal in the design industry.

Through the use of iridescence and by playing with shapes and patterns, Oceanside & Lunada Bay Tile have been able to recreate nature’s most prominent colors, which can add life and visual interest to any environment.

AKDO and Topcu have a more subtle approach when it comes to capturing nature’s vivacity and movement.

Whether you’re looking for a tile with a pop of color or a mosaic with an interesting pattern and shape for a bold statement, our experienced team at Design Works can offer you options inspired by nature to help you with your project.

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