May 29, 2015

7 Smart Reasons to Embrace Indoor/Outdoor Spaces

Patio furniture isn’t all Adirondack chairs and metal table sets anymore, and how we furnish our backyards isn’t confined to what we traditionally consider “outdoor furniture.” Modern trends take advantage of new technology and materials that allow you to bring the comfort of the indoors outside, creating livable spaces you won’t want to leave.
Look in the pages of any design magazine and you’ll find elegant, carefully refined outdoor spaces that bridge the divide between inside and outside. They showcase wall-to-wall windows and accordion doors, opening the space that separates your house and backyard, and creating a seamless, natural transition.
Your backyard is more than just a space to kick a ball around in. Modern versions now include fully functional kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, and even outdoor theatres. If you’re thinking about upping your outdoor presence, there are plenty of good reasons to do so.

7 Reasons to Create an Indoor/Outdoor Space:


No stiff deck chairs here! This backyard hideaway is complete with indoor comforts and style. Photo via Brit+Co.
No stiff deck chairs here! This backyard hideaway is complete with indoor comforts and style.
Photo via Brit+Co.
  1. Get the best of both worlds. Indoor/outdoor spaces allow you to appreciate the beauty and spontaneity of nature while still taking advantage of the comforts of indoor living. Cozy, weather-resistant materials are available for almost any type of furnishing you could put in your backyard- even sofas, rugs and pillows. Pair that with the lush, tropical landscape that makes Florida so appealing and you’ll never want to go back inside.


  1. Get off the phone & get moving. There’s something about the outdoors that makes us want to stop and revel in its beauty. Let your backyard be the space that inspires you to tune out the chaos we keep with us on our phones and mobile devices, and get the whole family up and moving!


  1. Add valuable space. Creating a backyard living room is an easy way to add livable space to small or busy homes. Expand your entertaining capacity, free up cramped rooms and find your next favorite spot to curl up with a book or sip a morning cup of coffee- all without adding square feet through expensive add-ons.


  1. Cook & dine alfresco. Who doesn’t love eating outside? Make things even easier by adding an outdoor kitchen where you can cook, enjoy your meal and clean up without having to haul everything back into the house when you’re finished.


  1. You’ve got options. More product offerings than ever before make indoor/outdoor spaces accessible options, including a wide range of weather proof materials and appliances that don’t scream “made for the backyard” like they used to. Plus, their wide availability means you don’t have to go to the ends of the earth to find the perfect décor for your backyard.


  1. Get the look you love. Never compromise your style to get the functionality you want. Florida Design Works has everything you need to complete your new backyard paradise in the style of your choice. Love Spanish revival? So do we. We can help you complete the look with Saltillo flooring, stunningly detailed Talavera accent tiles, rustic furniture and even a new hearth that’s sure to be the center of attention.


Jeffrey Court Via Collection Saltillo
Jeffrey Court Via Collection Saltillo
  1. They’re in demand. Indoor/outdoor spaces are increasingly in demand, especially in climates that allow homeowners to spend time outside year-round.

At Florida Design Works, we design your outdoor space to meet whatever your needs may be, while keeping your personal style and comfort in mind. Whether you’re looking to do some outdoor entertaining, or just need a spot to relax and enjoy the fresh air, our expert designers will turn your backyard into a private oasis. Click here to see our photo gallery, including some of our outdoor projects.

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