Glen & Pris Testimonial

Glen & Pris Testimonial

I am congratulating you on having such a Customer-Focused Team in your Jacksonville office. My wife and I have been shopping for stone and marble all over the city. Our experiences have been really bad, primarily due to the lack of help (even caring) from the various store associates. We happened to find your facility off of Phillips Highway. What a noticeable, positive difference!

We were given amazing customer service. It continued across several departments, so you guys are doing something right. You can just feel an attitude of caring, of professionalism and a sense of commitment to treating every customer with respect.

Will you pass on my heartfelt “Thank You!!!!” to Katie, Grizelle, and Scott? They were each so helpful, giving us a lot of their precious time in answering our questions. Others we encountered were also helpful, but I didn’t catch their names.

Keep this up, please. We plan to shop your store for all our stone, tile and marble needs.

Thanks again,
Glenn & Pris

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