December 16, 2015

Geometric Tile in Mosaics

Geometric tiling isn’t just for backsplashes anymore. Today gorgeous custom tiling is used to accent walls, floors, tables and countertops, and any other surface you can imagine.
We love this growing trend that’s adding big personality to our homes and transforming the way we see design. Here are our favorite ways to incorporate geometric tiles into your home or office design.
plaid mosaic design1. Go Big
Incorporate large-scale patterns and mosaics for a bold effect that won’t go unnoticed.

This large plaid tiling is in touch with the modern aesthetic, but doesn’t feel out of place in a traditional setting. It’s clean, bold and on-trend with its black and white motif.arabesque mosaic tiles

Large patterns can be subtle too. It’s easy to see why the arabesque shape is so popular—its elegant lines take the edge off the repeating geometric pattern, adding a touch of softness driven home by the pearlescent finish.

Mosaic Tiles Wall Mural
The Highlands collection from Jasba takes mosaic tiles to a whole other level and proves tiles aren’t just for bathrooms. There’s no need to hang paintings with art built into your wall!
2. Go Detailed
Intricate patterns give a seamless look from afar, but reveal surprising details upon closer inspection. Set the look off with a little shimmer or a pop of color.
Sparkling Shiny mosaic backsplash

This elegant, restrained design doesn’t need a lot going on to catch the eye. The pearlescent finish on the gorgeous kitchen backsplash is both chic and unobtrusive. It feels finished without a lot of fussy details vying for your attention.

Verticle Geometric Tile
The intricate tiling in this bathroom works with the accessories and linear details on the cabinets to create an elongated feel. Tiles can do more than add detail— they can make a space appear larger or taller.
A modern take on parquet flooring plays off a time-honored tradition using geometric tile.
3. Go Dimensional!
Texture can add sophistication or even playfulness to a design. It’s a clever and unexpected way to add smart, subtle detail, and works well for classic designs in need of a little update.

Deeply Texture Mosaic Tiles

The stunning texture in this tile makes you want to reach out and touch it. We love how tactile and emotive this design feels.

The Atelier line of tiles for Jasba uses a clever mix of shapes to make the texture pop even more.
Ok, these tiles aren’t actually textured like they appear, but the illusion is so good that you see them pop in 3D.
Florida Design Works offers tiling from all the brands you see above. Visit one of our showrooms to see the possibilities in person, or reach out to our designers for a consultation.

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