September 1, 2022

Fabulous Feature Walls This Fall

Looking to add personality and a visual wow factor into one of your spaces? Feature walls, also referred to as accent walls, are the perfect solution to making a statement in your home this season. Bringing the homeowner’s personality to life by utilizing color, texture, and pattern – feature walls immediately creating depth and an aesthetically beautiful focal point to any space. Though feature walls can seem intimidating and flashy, you don’t always have to go big and bold! Soft color palates and delicate patterns can still make your space feel elegant and upscale, without making too much noise.

Let’s break down the different avenues of accent walls you can use in your space based off a variety of inspirations, tips, and tricks that will help you create your personal wow-factor wall!


#1: Vertical Subway

Subway tiles have been so overdone – but rightfully so. Their simplicity and clean finish elevate any space. Consider installing vertical subway tiles with no offset, creating a polished grid. Vertical lines draw the eye upwards, causing the illusion that your ceilings are higher than they are.



#2: Design Pattern

For those adventurous and bold, including a tile with geometric patterns in your home will be sure to make a statement. For a quick attention-grabber, include abstract print or lines to add a dramatic personality to your room. This allows you to focus the attention in your space along with balance the rest of the room with more subtle pieces to help balance the look. No pattern is too out there – be daring and make a splash!



#3: Simply Subtle

Never underestimate life’s subtleties. Choosing delicate lines to match the soft colors in your tile creates a calming and clean flow. By installing a feature wall that isn’t loud, you are granted more creative freedom in other areas of the room. This can include changing accent colors in your room as trends and personal tastes shift when living in your space over the years.



#4: Textured Tile

Stand out with textured tile on your Feature Wall. Textured tile adds movement and depth of dimension from its undulant surface – causing the light to reflect off contrasting angles, brightening up the space!



Insider Tips on Executing the Perfect Tile Feature Wall


What Wall Should Be Featured?

Many people run into the question: How do I know what wall to accent? It is crucial to highlight the bones of the house that is currently serving as the room’s focal point. Key features to look out for can be behind a sink, fireplace wall, or behind a bed’s headboard. It is also crucial to keep in mind that you don’t want to overcrowd your space – too much furniture, clashing patterns or colors lead to a chaotic environment.

Color & Balance

Keep in mind that the feature wall does not necessarily have to be too dark or too bright to add character to the space. It’s about choosing a style that fits well with the design selections you’ve already made. Regardless of the type of tile you selected, ensure that the color compliments the color scheme of the rest of the room

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