February 15, 2024

Experience the Wonders of The Marvel Meraviglia Tile Collection by Atlas Concorde

Atlas Concorde recently unveiled an exquisite new tile collection that brilliantly mimics the beauty of natural marble. Marvel Meraviglia offers stunning marble-effect ceramic wall and floor tiles in five elegant designs. Florida Design Works is thrilled to add this stunning new collection to our portfolio for interior designers and their clients projects: from new builds to home renovations and remodels. Read on to learn more about this magnificent series.

Calacatta Meraviglia

The splendid Calacatta Meraviglia tile authentically replicates Calacatta marble’s iconic grey veining and crisp white background. This impressive tile boasts a flawless white canvas adorned with delicate and sophisticated grey veining, making it the perfect option for adding a touch of luxury to your surface applications and refined interior decor elements. With its regal good looks and subtle veining, Calcutta Meraviglia brings elite style to both classic and contemporary spaces. This iconic product is the star of the collection.

Calacatta Bernini

Large marble look stoneware slab, Calcutta Bernini is inspired by the renowned Italian marble of its namesake. This design features a snow white backdrop with medium-sized gray veins that gracefully traverse its surface, lending an exquisite enhancement to any room. Calacatta Bernini makes a confident style statement in any setting from bathrooms to lobbies.

Silver Majestic

Silver Majestic boasts a gentle, light gray base adorned with striking, tone-on-tone veins, drawing its inspiration from the Middle Eastern marble known as Silver Roots, which features a palette of more neutral hues. Silver Majestic infuses spaces with luxury and radiance.

Grigio Elegante

Grigio Elegante showcases a refined and compact gray, reminiscent of the stone found in Provence, giving it a distinct stone-like allure. Its exquisite detailing and muted palette lend an air of refined grace. Use Grigio Elegante to craft serene, spa-like interiors.

Black Origin

Black Origin exhibits a sleek, solid black surface adorned with sharp, well-defined white veins, inspired by the elegance of the finest dark marbles. With its polished black finish and sophisticated personality, Black Origin makes a striking style statement.

The Velvetech Finish

The Marvel Meraviglia collection is enhanced by Velvetech, an exclusive  finishing technology that creates an ultra-soft velvety texture. Inspired by the look of sanded stone, the innovative Velvetech processresults in subtle variations in opacity across the tile surface. This enhances the natural appearance and delightful tactility.

Velvetech finishing gives Marvel Meraviglia tiles a distinctive silk-like sheen with muted reflections, eliminating the clinical feel of polished tiles. It provides an alluring interplay between matte and shiny areas on each tile for added visual intrigue. Just as important, Velvetech offers a literally touchable softness underfoot or to the hand.

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