May 27, 2016

Designing With Minerals

Love the reclaimed look? Thanks in part to this growing craze, natural and organic materials are everywhere. New homes, restaurants, offices, and storefronts have been quick to jump on the trend, ditching sleek modern lines for raw edges and natural finishes.
It’s no surprise that this trend has opened the doors for the reemergence of minerals in accent pieces, large furniture, and as works of art in themselves. Whether you want subtle hints of nacre, a bold granite countertop in your kitchen, or a large statement piece made of druzy or crystal—minerals can complement any look, adding a luxurious but natural feel.
Want to incorporate more minerals into your home design, but not sure where to start? Check out our favorite ways to use minerals in your house:

Even in modern or contemporary spaces, a mineral presence can help make the design feel connected to nature. Honed marble by Marble Systems.
This gorgeous pearlescent backsplash from Oceanside Glasstile stands out even from a distance.


In the Kitchen

Take a look in almost any kitchen, and you’re likely to see a variety of minerals. In fact, a natural stone countertop is one of the most desirable traits homebuyers look for in a kitchen. There’s something about the veining and striations that makes you want to take a second look, finding new details in the pattern every time you do.
Compliment your countertops with a gorgeous mineral backsplash. If you have stone counters with a high polish, try accenting with something in a natural finish, like travertine tiles. Mother of pearl is another trending option for tiles, adding a touch of polish that perfectly compliments a rustic or coastal design.


Try featuring a large mineral piece as a work of art on its own. Samples that are too small to mount on pedestals or stand on their own can be displayed in shadow boxes and glass cases. If you’re looking for more subtle ways to incorporate minerals into your home design, try adding a lamp with a quartz base, or a coffee table with a mineral inlay.
Wow guests at parties with a mineral centerpiece or druzy napkin holders. You can also add minerals like crystals or petrified wood to floral arrangements and terrariums for zen-like elegance.


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