November 29, 2016

Concrete In the Home

What comes to mind when you think of concrete? Driveways and patios? What about polished flooring, luxurious countertops or textured wall treatments? This durable, beautiful material isn’t always meant to be covered—it’s perfect for custom projects and high-end applications that compliment any style, from the ultra-modern to the most traditional tastes.
People fall in love with concrete for a variety of reasons. For some, the endless design possibilities allow them to tackle custom projects that feature unconventional shapes and colors. Others appreciate concrete’s hygienic qualities and ease of care, while some are drawn to its sleek, flawless appearance.

Endless Possibilities

Flooring and countertops are the most common concrete applications for the home, however, 3-D wall treatments and custom sinks and tubs are gaining popularity for their high-impact look. Homeowners are also taking advantage of concrete’s durability and using it prominently in their outdoor kitchen designs. And while we often think of concrete as a base material, it’s now being used to accent high-end furniture and chic accessories.
Check out a few of our favorite ways to use decorative concrete:


Few materials can offer as much customization as concrete. Polish it, stain it, vein it, score it, stamp it—you name it. Go for something bold and colorful, or choose a treatment that mimics natural stone or wood.
Concrete flooring is easy to clean, requires little maintenance, and will last the life of your home. It’s also a hygienic option for people with allergies looking to replace their carpet. Worried about cold feet? Install radiant heating to keep you floors at the ideal temperature year round.


Many people choose concrete for their countertops because they can get a uniformly smooth surface without seams, making it visually appealing and a breeze to clean. Its minimalism has made it a favorite material in modern design, however, traditionalists also enjoy concrete, as it allows them to mimic natural stone and add highly detailed flourishes and inlays.
Concrete is gaining traction in coastal design due to its ability to incorporate elements of the sea like shells and beach rock. Since there are no limitations on color, beachfront homeowners can complement their surroundings by staining their countertops ocean blue or sandy beige. Ambitious homeowners can even opt for a design that mimics the patterns of waterways for a stunning effect.

Wall Treatments

There are countless ways to turn a wall into art using concrete. Exposed concrete walls are surprisingly cozy when paired with a pop of yellow or natural, untreated wood. But you don’t need to love the industrial look to decorate with concrete. Try adding interest and texture with three dimensional tiles for something soft and modern. Use clever uplighting to make your wall treatment feel like a gallery piece.
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