November 21, 2017

Expect to See More of these Kitchen Cabinet Trends in 2018

The perfect kitchen is different for everyone. And for most of us, that definition changes as our lifestyles change, as trends come and go, and as technological improvements make new products available to consumers.

Although the year isn’t over quite yet—2017 solidified a few trends that have been catching on in the last few years. From enameled appliances to engineered stone countertops, several promising kitchen trends caught our eye, but we couldn’t help but notice how far cabinets have come in the last decade and even this past year. Among the many interesting cabinet trends that came to prominence in 2017, these three rank high on our list of favorites:

This kitchen designed for a Design Works client balances all the white with a matte blue island that still lets the iridescent backsplash be the star of the show.

It’s All About Color

When you think about transitional design, a neutral color palate probably comes to mind. Monochromatic schemes in all-white, beige, and gray—an increasingly popular choice—have become the norm, but that doesn’t mean there’s no room for a little innovation.

Now, color is making its way into transitional and traditional kitchens everywhere, in decorative tiles, cabinets and even appliances (like this stunning Viking range). In 2017, we saw a surge of homeowners opting for bold, colorful cabinets, especially in navy blue. If you love the contrast of a rich hue against a white or beige palate, but don’t want to paint over the grain of your cabinets, try a dark stain that will make the glittery white of your quartz counters look extra bright.

And the good news for people who still love their all-white kitchens? The look is still a classic, and won’t go away anytime soon. But you can update the look by refinishing your kitchen island in a complementary color to add contrast.

What’s not to love from this kitchen from Design Works supplier Marble Systems? The unexpected dark green cabinets are instantly eye-catching, but don’t detract from the gorgeousness of the stone countertops and backsplash.

Mix It Up

In 2017, we saw homeowners rejecting more streamlined looks in favor of cabinets that mix and match not only colors but textures, materials and styles. Some of our favorite combinations include:
  • Mixing open shelving with traditional cabinets to break up the eye line. This also gives homeowners a chance to display artwork, plants and herbs, or their favorite decorative serving ware.
  • Mixing organic and industrial textures, like wood, marble and stainless steel.
  • Mixing cabinet panels can add complexity and a feeling of completeness to shaker cabinets, without detracting from their minimalistic beauty.


As advances in technology and manufacturing continue to broaden consumer options, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that more homeowners are ditching their pre-fab kitchens and investing in custom and semi-custom luxury cabinets that make their homes more functional and interesting.

Among the many brands of cabinets we offer to our customers (both custom and semi-custom), Design Works was happy to add Intended Spaces Cabinetry to our list of quality suppliers in 2017. If you haven’t had the chance to see their handiwork in one of our showrooms, learn more about this new company on their website:

We love how crisp and clean the white cabinets framing the window look next to the multi-paned glass doors (Design Works).

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