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“DeTuscanize” Your Home

A lot can change in 20 years. Around the new millennium, two emerging trends completely transformed interior design: the granite countertop and the open floor plan. At the time, the way you used your kitchen was changing—no longer purely functional, it became the new social hub of the home. And slowly but surely, it began …


Coastal Design Trends

Coastal design has always been incredibly eclectic—embracing a mix of seemingly contradictory styles and eras, color palates and textures. But no matter the mix, all coastal design styles share one thing in common—they serve to complement the natural landscape and bring the homeowner closer to their environment. In 2018, coastal design continues to diversify and ...

Our Favorite Ways to Decorate with Slate

If you’re looking for a striking feature to set your house apart, slate can be a breathtaking option. This versatile stone has a pleasing matte finish that looks and feels soft to the touch. And while most people associate slate with chalkboard black and deep charcoal grays, it comes in a surprising variety of colors, ...

Out with the New, In with the Old

In the last decade, home interiors have been dominated by minimalist design. It’s no surprise then, that after years of nothing but the basics, people want to fill their homes with more color and more personality in the form of curated objects, hand-made-tile and fabrics, and a little eclectic charm. In 2018, what’s new is ...

Natural Interior Design Is Catching On in a Big Way

As technology becomes integrated into every facet of our daily lives, it’s no mystery why we’re seeing a big uptick in spaces that emphasize the natural beauty of the world around us. From the obvious “urban jungles”—rooms filled floor-to-ceiling with houseplants and succulents—to subtler hints like wood-tile backsplashes, homeowners are looking to bring the outdoors ...

Gary B. Testimonial

The guys did a FANTASTIC job fixing our cabinet issues.  The cabinets look phenomenal.  They are real craftsman.  On top of that, they were on time, polite, hardworking and clean.  At times we never even knew they were here working.  In our minds, they turned the proverbial sow’s ear into a silk purse! Gary B.


Expect to See More of these Kitchen Cabinet Trends in 2018

The perfect kitchen is different for everyone. And for most of us, that definition changes as our lifestyles change, as trends come and go, and as technological improvements make new products available to consumers. Although the year isn’t over quite yet—2017 solidified a few trends that have been catching on in the last few years. ...

4 Kitchen Island Trends to Watch This Year

Remodeling your kitchen can be a massive undertaking. While you want your space to look its best and reflect the latest, greatest trends—it also needs to be functional and avoid passing fads that will make your kitchen feel outdated quickly. Luckily, these four kitchen island trends make smart, subtle tweaks to timeless design practices, ensuring ...

Texture to the Rescue!

Why Texture Matters A monochromatic room can be stunning, but it takes a well-placed splash of color to make a design really pop. The same is true for texture: without variety, your design can fall flat. Texture plays an important, yet often overlooked role in design—it adds contrast and dimension. It creates cohesion. And it ...