October 28, 2016

An Illustrated Guide to Choosing the Right Cabinets – Part III: Accents and Add-Ons

In the final installment of our cabinet series, we’ll go over some of the finishing touches that will give your kitchen a distinct personality.

Accent cabinets, drawers and other thoughtfully placed details can add a touch of character to your design. They break up the monotony of a uniform kitchen by adding detail and texture, which work to give even a stock kitchen a customized look.

Try these popular accents to give your newly remodeled kitchen a fully-finished feel:



  • The Look: Crown molding is a strip of wood that curves upward and sits atop your cabinets. It can be as simple as a single layer, or consist of multiple layers that stack all the way to the ceiling for a more dramatic, ornate look.
  • Works Well With: Traditional, transitional, classic, country.

Accent Panels

  • The Look: Metal and glass panels are perfect for adding variety to your cabinetry. Just remember, if you opt for glass panels, make sure your organizational skills are well honed, as everything inside your cabinets will be on display.
  • Works Well With: Modern, Contemporary, Transitional, Coastal.


Open Shelving

  • The Look: Try cabinet-less, open shelving (a trend that is gaining momentum) to accent your other cabinets, or create a display for your favorite dinner ware.
  • Works Well With: Modern, Transitional, Rustic, Coastal, Industrial, Shabby Chic.

LED Lighting

  • The Look: LED lighting strips not only help make the contents of your cabinets more visible, they can be strategically placed to make your space appear larger, make your ceiling feel taller, or highlight details like onlays or a cabinet backsplash that you want to show off.
  • Works Well With: Any style

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