September 7, 2016

An Illustrated Guide to Choosing the Right Cabinets – Part II: Finishes

For the first installment of our cabinet series, we talked about the structural basics—but the finish on your cabinets is as equally important as the construction. After all, when we think of quality, the first thing we notice is the appearance, and nothing is more striking than color.


Paint Trends
In Florida and in the rest of the US, white painted cabinets are the go-to choice for homeowners. If you’re a fan of the painted look and you want something other than white, warm greys and light neutral colors are also popular choices that won’t fade out of style too quickly.
If you want to stay ahead of the trend and try something daring, cool-toned cabinets in colors like plum and blue will make a bold statement. There is also an emerging trend of mixing painted cabinets—with a classic white on cabinets above the counters, and a darker shade of grey, tan, or even black on the bottom.



Stain Trends
Stained cabinets are a popular choice anywhere you go, however, they’ve evolved from the high-gloss finishes of the past. Today’s wood stains are popular in matte, “barely there” finishes, mimicking a natural stain that looks almost untreated.
As modern lines becomes more popular, minimalism and the Shaker style continue to vie against more traditional styles that favor highly-detailed, ornate embellishments. But that doesn’t mean that traditional kitchens are stepping down. In fact, traditional kitchens are still preferred by many homeowners who are looking to buck trends and install something timeless.
If you’re a stickler for details, and want your cabinets to have more dimension than a simple matte finish, try adding a little embellishment to your cabinets.

Coming up in this series:
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