July 20, 2015

All About Pools, Pt. II

Little Details Make a Big Difference


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Iridescent Pool Tile Oceanside Glasstile
Iridescent pool tile by Oceanside Glasstile.

At Florida Design Works, little details are our thing. We love being able to add a splash of color, or a hint of texture in an unexpected, beautiful way. And we’re lucky to work with dozens of high-end suppliers who are as equally obsessed with the little details as we are.

As Florida’s design experts, we pool our knowledge and resources to turn your backyard (or any project) into a functional work of art. Here are our three favorite ways to add eye-catching details and a little personality to your outdoor pool project:

1. Make A Splash With The Right Tile

Gorgeous mosaic from FDW supplier Onix. Photo courtesy of
Gorgeous mosaic from FDW supplier Onix. Photo courtesy of

One of the easiest ways to personalize your pool lining is with a tile mosaic. On top of the aesthetic benefits, it’s a practical choice: it’s more durable than concrete lining, which requires occasional maintenance, and it lasts longer than vinyl liners, which need to be replaced about once every 10 years.
Florida Design Works works with a number of great tile companies like Oceanside and Alto Glass, all with their own, unique styles. Whether you’re looking for a classic, Greek inspired mosaic, or want something fun and nautical, you’ll be surprised by the variety of choices and options.
If a mosaic is too busy for your tastes, but you still want something that stands out, consider luminescent tile. If you like to entertain, or spend a lot of time in your backyard at night, luminescent tile will impress as it sparkles in the light, and glows in the dark. You can also add a little sheen with iridescent tiles that glint and glimmer in the sun all day long.

Natural stone veneer.
Natural stone veneer over elegant, cascading spillway.

For those who prefer a more natural look, a pebbled finish is practical, durable, and looks great in any pool. Compliment this choice by surrounding your outdoor pool in a natural stone like travertine, or its porcelain counterpart. You can also finish risers, spillways and retaining walls with Norstone dimensional rock panels for a cohesive look.

2. Set The Mood With The Right Light

Lighting Spa Outdoor Pool
The right lighting accentuates the stunning iridescent tile in this elegant pool/spa.

The right lighting does more than just illuminate your pool- it sets the mood and signals to everyone whether it’s time to relax, socialize, or head inside.
As you decide on your options, consider lights equipped with technology like dimmers, timers, and color changers. It will give you more control over lighting, more flexibility, and you can’t argue with convenience.
Placement is equally important as the lights themselves, and should depend on how you use your pool. Even if you don’t plan on swimming at night, you still want the edge of your pool to be well lit for safety reasons, and you’ll want a clear path leading from focal points like fire pits and pergolas back to your house. Consider a mix of lights in different locations for optimal vision and visual impact.

3. Wow With An Unexpected Feature

Moroccan inspired outdoor pool
Moroccan inspired fountain in rich, brown glass tile by Oceanside. Courtesy

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