March 29, 2017

5 Ways to Wow with Marble

Marble is one of the most prized and sought-after materials for the home. It’s synonymous with luxury and its timeless appeal has allowed it to keep up with trends and complement any design aesthetic—from the most traditional to the ultramodern. But clever designers can always find novel uses for marble. Here are our favorite ways to make a statement with this iconic stone:

1. Waterfall Edge

A waterfall edge extends the edge of your countertop to the sides of your counter and down to the floor. The marble (or other stone like granite or onyx) “overflows” from the edge, just like a waterfall, creating a clean, elegant, and fluid look. Waterfall edges can be used to add seating space to a kitchen island, and create the illusion that the island was carved out of a single block of stone.

2. Tile “Rugs”

Tile mosaics made to mimic the pattern of rugs are the perfect solution for hard-to-furnish spaces that could use a little detail and attention, such as courtyards and long hallways. They can also be used to create a dramatic entrance in foyers and entryways. But mosaic rugs aren’t just for interiors—they add instant charm to patios, pool-side gazebos, and outdoor kitchens.

3. Wall-to-Wall Marble Ensuites

A bathroom with wall-to-wall marble is a life-long dream for many homeowners who see this look as the pinnacle of elegance. But while wall-to-wall marble has been popular for ages, new technology has made it more viable and less expensive for consumers, prompting more homeowners to embrace the look in their master ensuites. Using marble tile, or marble-look porcelain tile from high-end suppliers like Atlas Concordia, any bathroom can be outfit in this look once reserved for high-end hotel suites and celebrity manors.

4. Mixed Media Tile

Marble tile is beautiful in itself—combine that with contrasting elements like wood and metal and a mesmerizing geometric pattern and the effect is stunning. Try this intriguing look in your home bar, as a kitchen backsplash, or as a wall accent.

5. Custom Mosaic Pieces

Design Works’ waterjet saw allows us to create custom mosaics made from marble and other stone that is cut into pieces then inlayed into a solid slab. We use this technology to create custom signage for businesses, however, we’ve also created gorgeous countertops using this technique for clients that are truly works of art.

Love these looks? Design Works can help you recreate them, or dream of something entirely new and daring for your home, yacht or RV using gorgeous, iconic marble. Contact us today and schedule a tour of our showroom to see our slabs in person and speak to one of our design experts.

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