December 15, 2022

4 Kitchen Floor Colors That Go Perfectly With White Cabinets

A minor kitchen remodel can give you a nearly 80% return on your investment. All homeowners love a kitchen that’s both beautifully designed and highly functional. So if there’s any room in your home to focus on renovation, it’s the kitchen.

Even if you aren’t planning on selling your home, remodeling your kitchen is a great decision. One of the top requests for a kitchen? New cabinets.

White is the most popular color for modern kitchen cabinets. It’s clean, timeless, and fits with any home decor. If you choose this classic color, what color should you choose for kitchen flooring?

Here are the kitchen floor colors that look best with white kitchen cabinets.

Gray Wood

Gray is a more contemporary neutral, growing in popularity for floors in recent years. They’re modern and versatile, so they’ll work well in both traditional and contemporary homes.

Lighter gray wood stains can offer the same airy benefits people seek out with white flooring but add a touch of contrast. Gray flooring also complements graining in marble used for countertops.

Dark Wood

Go for high contrast and choose a darker flooring color. Dark wood floor stain colors can range from deep brown to black. Brown floors are more traditional, while black is more contemporary.

Dark wood also helps ground the space and creates a great base that allows other kitchen features, like a unique backsplash, to be the star.

White Floors

Simple and minimalist, white floors with white kitchen cabinets are a favorite among homeowners and designers. Since it’s one of the most sought-after kitchen cabinet and floor color combinations, you have plenty of options for pulling this style off.

You can choose white wood floors or white tiles. The key to this design is not to match the shades of white too closely. You don’t want the overall design to blend together.

Marble Tiles

Marble tiles will give your kitchen an upscale and highly-customized look. The graining in marble will also add some texture and movement to your kitchen design. This visual interest is much needed in monochrome designs.

Choose white marble for a classic look. The white will look seamless and give the sought-after all-white kitchen look. But if you want something a little more sleek and modern, choose black marble with white veining.

Choosing Kitchen Flooring for White Kitchen Cabinets

Flip through any design magazine, and you’ll always see a picture featuring crisp white kitchen cabinets. Designers say this classic style isn’t going anywhere any time soon. If there’s one color that will make your kitchen timeless, it’s white.

But that brings another question: what color should you choose for your kitchen flooring? It depends on the style you want for your kitchen. Classic all-white or modern high-contrast? Luckily, white looks great with any color, so the decision comes down to your preferences.

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