June 13, 2019

10 Kitchen Backsplashes that Go Above and Beyond

Your kitchen backsplash is more than just a guard protecting your walls from soup splatters and other cooking disasters—it’s an important piece of your overall design.

A good backsplash can help tie the different elements of a room together. It can accent or compliment a feature you love (like a gorgeous slab countertop). And more and more frequently, it’s becoming the star of the show, showcasing bold colors, mosaic patterns and jaw-dropping textures.

Over the last couple of years, we’ve been pleased to see homeowners putting more attention into the details of their backsplash. To give you some inspiration for your next kitchen project, we’ve collected a few of our favorite recent backsplash designs to showcase some of the possibilities for your kitchen:

Let There Be Height

As ceilings continue to get taller, homeowners have begun extending the height of their backsplash as well. Backsplashes that start from the counter and go all the way up to the ceiling are helping to make tall rooms feel better proportioned and more finished. They’re also a great way to draw attention to a dramatic coffered or tray ceiling.

In this kitchen, the counter-to-ceiling backsplash behind the sleek range hood immediately draws the eye up to the ceiling, revealing a surprising detail and slight pop of color. This backsplash features Verona Slide tile in honed marble from Marble Systems’ Skyline Collection.

Classic with a Modern Edge

This kitchen incorporates several emerging trends including counter-to-ceiling tile to give this classic design a modern twist. For the backsplash, we used Gapstow marble tile in Empire Beige from Jeffrey Court to complement the marble slabs on the counter and island.

This design also features mixed metals, another in-demand finish. We love the way the brass sink fixture stands out among the stainless-steel appliances, elevating the overall look of the space. Because the backsplash features a mix of both cool and warm tones, both the brass and stainless-steel feel welcome.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

As of late, we’ve been getting a lot of requests for mirrored and metallic tile, which we had fun incorporating into this kitchen. We especially like the texture of the border tiles from MIR Mosaic, which contrast with the natural stone surface of the backsplash and matte cabinets. In addition to the mirrored border tiles, this backsplash features MIR’s Alcamo line, which is cut with a waterjet to produce a crisp inlay pattern for a luxurious effect.

An Elegant Alternative to Wallpaper

The Dalamatta granite island is undoubtedly the star of the show in this kitchen, so we supplied a geometric pattern for the backsplash to compliment, rather than compete with the slab. The extensive tilework creates an almost wallpaper-like effect, revealing texture and detail as you move in closer.

This design also incorporates another emerging trend—drawing attention to the range hood, an element homeowners once sought to disguise. In this case, the hood matches the dark wood of the island, rather than the all-white cabinets above the counter. This helps break up the monotony, while simultaneously helping to make the pattern in the backsplash pop even more.

A Chef’s Paradise

Speaking of hoods…for serious home cooks, a professional quality range is non-negotiable. Yet homeowners who favor more traditional styles often struggle to incorporate industrial-looking appliances into their design.

The solution for this space was to make the cooking area the centerpiece of the kitchen, rather than try to draw attention away from it. The design called for blending the range hood into its surroundings with custom cabinetry topped with stack stone from Marble Systems. For the backsplash, every inch of the available wall was tiled in Jeffrey Court Stream Stone, which features a blend of black and white marble and limestone.

All-Over Slabs

There’s no rule that says a backsplash has to be made of small, mosaic tile. This year, we’ve seen everything from shiplap to brick to solid stone slabs adorning the space between your counters and ceiling.

Surprisingly, the slabs featured in the kitchen above are made from high-quality porcelain—not real marble. We provided Atlas Plan Calacatta, which is almost indistinguishable from the real thing, and actually wears better and requires less maintenance.

You don’t have to go all white if you want to make a statement with stone. This kitchen features Rio Blue granite, a dramatic slab with a rich, rare coloration that is almost too real to believe.

Here’s another great example of how to showcase colorful slabs. This kitchen was completed years ago, but it’s classic design steers clear of fads that would otherwise make it feel dated. While granite has lost some of its popularity to quartz in recent years, slabs that feature unique patterns with striking coloration are always in demand.

Dalamatta granite slabs like these feature intricate blends of black and white, a classic color combination with limitless versatility. While this kitchen features custom cherry cabinets from Intended Spaces, a variety of stains and colors could also work well here.

Curve Appeal

This contemporary kitchen plays with dramatic curves and sleek lines. We love how the geometry of the counters are echoed in the intricate ceiling—and even in the chandeliers. The kitchen backsplash features Marble Medly tile from Lungarno, which is carried over into the statement wall in the adjacent living room for an ultra-cohesive look.

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