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Choosing Hardware – Where Do I Start?

(photo courtesy of Du Verre) When we update a kitchen or bathroom, the first things we tend to think about are those big items- new counter-tops, appliances, and cabinets. While these will have a big impact on the look and feel of your remodel, you shouldn’t overlook the little details. These are what make a …


Choosing Stone Countertops

Our Guide to Choosing Stone Countertops Adding a stone countertop to your new kitchen or bathroom can add significant value to the price of your home. But with so many options available, it’s hard to know where to begin. The stone you pick should be largely based on your own personal tastes, but there are …


Kitchen Organization Part Three

“I just can’t seem to stay organized.” There are so many factors that work against organization: too many cooks in the kitchen, not having enough space or even having too much space… The list goes on and on. If you’ve ever struggled to keep your kitchen clean and de-cluttered, follow our 3 steps for getting …


Kitchen Organization Part Two

(photo courtesy of “I don’t have enough space!” The most common complaint about small kitchens is lack of counter space. This can be extremely frustrating when you’re trying to cook and don’t have the room to lay out all your tools and ingredients. Fortunately, there are a number of tricks to maximize the room in …


Know your Types of Sinks

Whether you’re building your dream home from the ground up or remodeling the downstairs half bath, it can seem like the design choices never end. The list of factors to consider can get pretty overwhelming- even choosing something as simple as a sink can seem like a daunting task when added to the multitude of …


Kitchen Organization Part One

  (photo courtesy of “I can’t get to what I need” We don’t always have the time to dig through our kitchen and get rid of the items we no longer use or only need once in a while. That said, this kind of clutter adds up and makes finding what we do want that …


How to Organize Your Kitchen

Organizing Your Kitchen The kitchen is easily the most used room in any house, and it goes without saying it’s one of the easiest to get cluttered and disorganized. We store so much in our kitchen, divided between kitchen cabinets and pantries and drawers (junk drawer, anyone)- without an organizational system in place it’s almost …


Style Spotlight: Collected Cottage Kitchen

Well-designed interiors are addressed from the floor to the ceiling. Most of the time, the details of what bring a space together are overlooked. When working toward a style goal, designers think about everything from the ceiling beams, recessed storage, paneling, mixed metals, and ogee trims on the island counter. Take a look at the …


Textures & Patterns

Textures & Patterns Using Tile At Florida Design Works we are firm believers that one of the most visually compelling features to any polished interior design scheme is a conscious incorporation of textures and patterns throughout the space. Combining designs of different scales and densities such as rich grained woods, patterned natural stone and intricate mosaics enable …


What are the trending colors for 2014?

The creative team at Design Works is reviewing the colors for 2014. We see a trend of cool greys, blues, silvers, metallic, and creamy coffee hues in the current palette. Here are fashionable color combinations using our variety of vendors that we bring to you. Incorporating stone, glass, metal accents, and solid surface materials are …

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