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Quartz Countertops

Your countertops go through a lot – scratches, stains and the stresses of everyday life. Unlike granite and marble, quartz doesn’t need periodic sealing, polishing and reconditioning. Quartz surfaces are over 90% pure quartz. Granite typically contains 40-60% quartz, along with more porous, weaker minerals, making it more susceptible to damage. Because it’s nonporous and …


Inspired by Nature

Who can fail to marvel at the shape of a leaf, the sleek power of a cheetah, or the way the waves crash in the ocean? Designers and architects are forever inspired by nature’s majesty. That’s why biomimicry, the practice of copying nature’s own engineers, is and has always been pivotal in the design industry. …


Style Spotlight: Collected Cottage Kitchen

Well-designed interiors are addressed from the floor to the ceiling. Most of the time, the details of what bring a space together are overlooked. When working toward a style goal, designers think about everything from the ceiling beams, recessed storage, paneling, mixed metals, and ogee trims on the island counter. Take a look at the …


Light as a Feather!!!

  Feather Stone lightweight natural stone products offer the beauty and durability of marble and granite at a fraction of the weight of conventional stone.  The lightweight stone panel consists of approximately 1/8” of stone supported by ¼” of backing material. Feather Stone is easily adaptable for use in yachts, elevator cabs, motor coaches, aviation …


Reclaimed Barnwood

Design Works is proud to introduce our new series of reclaimed barnwood. This incredible product is not only aesthetically pleasing, but rich with the history that helped shape the landscape of America. The barnwood is distinctive for the textural dimension that is a part of every hand made piece. Ranging in depth from 3/8 to …


Material Spotlight: Dimensional Stone

We are seeing a shift in material interest in the design industry. Typically walls are covered with paint, wallpaper, and wainscoting. Why not use dimensional materials to cover that drywall or the fireplace and make it a design feature? We have several vendors lined up that exemplify design tactics to texturize any space.


Style Spotlight: Bathroom Restorations

                                                                                                                                                    Bridge Faucet: Newport Brass. Clawfoot Tub Package: Carrara Marble. 3×6 Arctic Bright: Florida Tile.                                                                    China Black Marble. Florette Hexagon, Black Matte 2″ Hexagon, and Black & White Spiral: Powerline. Paint: Farrow & Ball.


Go Green

Design Works unites with eco-minded manufacturers to purpose products that are friendly to our earth and our future. Here are a few certifications awarded to our manufacturers for their valiant effort to become more aware of the need to preserve our planet. Look for these icons to do your part in making our world a …


Textures & Patterns

Textures & Patterns Using Tile At Florida Design Works we are firm believers that one of the most visually compelling features to any polished interior design scheme is a conscious incorporation of textures and patterns throughout the space. Combining designs of different scales and densities such as rich grained woods, patterned natural stone and intricate mosaics enable …